Answers to the Top 5 Engagement Ring Questions

Answers to the Top 5 Engagement Ring Questions

How much should you spend on an engagement ring, and who should select it? What if you end up not liking the ring, and how do you handle that with your significant other? Is it best to choose one together?

There are endless questions to answer when it comes to getting the ring, getting engaged and then getting hitched. Your engagement shouldn’t feel stressful. It should feel exciting! To ease your nerves, here are answers to the top five engagement ring etiquette questions.

1. Is It Okay for Me to Help Pick out My Own Engagement Ring?

Yes! Actually, 62 percent of couples shop for their engagement rings together. If you’d rather be surprised, that’s okay, too. You can also covertly give tips to your relatives to lend your S.O. some help.

2. Can My Mom/Sister/Dad/Brother/Bff Help My Partner Pick out an Engagement Ring for Me?

Definitely! Your S.O. is already nervous and needs someone in their corner to make sure they pick out an engagement ring you’ll love. Give them the name of someone dear to you that knows your style the best. If you’ve got a dream engagement ring, now’s the time to share that with loved ones. They will love being a part of this special memory.

3. Is There a Such Thing as Spending “Too Much” When Shopping for Engagement Rings?

The answer relates more to your financial situation. As of 2018, jewelry experts predicted couples set aside about $8,000 for engagement ring shopping. An older rumor was that your partner should save up three months’ salary for an engagement ring, but this just isn’t realistic. Many people want to save for their future life together. If concerned about debt or job security, then budgeting is wise.


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4. What If My S.O. Has No Idea What My Ring Size Is?

Don’t know your exact size? You can come in to get sized and have the information passed on to your significant other. If you have a frequently worn ring that you wear on your left ring finger, then covertly leave it out in the open for your partner to snitch temporarily for accurate size comparison.

5. What If I Don’t Like the Engagement Ring?

It’s a really sweet gesture when a partner takes the initiative to do the engagement shopping all on their own. However, this move can be extremely risky for various reasons, from the wrong size to the wrong style being selected.

So, what do you do when this happens? Rest on your opinion for the night because the ring might grow on you. Notice traits in it that your significant other might have when shopping. However, if you still dislike it, then it’s important to let your partner know that it doesn’t match your personal style. If you can accept the ring, do so, but make the wedding ring shopping together with a new goal!Use these five expert engagement ring shopping etiquette tips when searching for your engagement rings or lending your S.O. a few clues. Still, feel overwhelmed? Stop by Finer Jewelry to speak with one of our expert jewelers in person.