Elongated Cushion cut diamonds have reemerged as a popular option for engagement rings, offering a distinct sparkle and charm. The reasons for this are debatable though…is it because they are so unique and amazing, or is it because celebrities wear them so now everyone else wants to? Does it even matter though? 

The Allure of Elongated Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are known for their exceptional beauty, and have a fiery brilliance and sparkle. One of the most appealing aspects of cushion cuts is that they offer more diamond for the price as compared to other popular shapes. Elongated cushion cuts, although rare, have gained popularity due to their striking appearance. The length-to-width ratio plays a big role in determining the overall look and sparkle of a cushion-cut diamond.

Cutting Styles

Cushion-cut diamonds come in two primary cutting styles: Brilliant and Modified Brilliant. Brilliant cut represents the older style, featuring a simpler faceting pattern. On the other hand, modified brilliant cuts incorporate an extra row of facets, showing their brilliance and a more contemporary look, known as “crushed ice”

Light Performance

The light performance of cushion cut diamonds varies based on their cutting style. Chunky diamonds, with their simpler faceting pattern, exhibit more light reflection and a classic appearance. In contrast, crushed ice diamonds, with their additional facets, create a glittering effect with a diffused brilliance.

Finding the Right Elongated Cushion Cut Diamond is Not as Easy as it Sounds

One of the issues when selecting an elongated cushion cut diamond lies in its uniqueness. These diamonds come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and faceting patterns, making each one distinct. As a result, cushion cut diamonds lack a standardized cut grade, and that means that quality evaluation is subjective. The numerous variations in faceting patterns contribute to the lack of uniformity, making it necessary to assess each diamond individually.

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Elongated Cushion Cuts: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Elongated cushion cut diamonds offer a striking alternative to square cuts, but they come with a trade-off. These diamonds often exhibit a more pronounced crushed ice appearance, which can potentially result in less overall sparkle as compared to their square counterparts. However, elongated cushion cut diamonds can serve as a viable alternative to radiant cut diamonds for those seeking a less-standard look.

Considering a Cushion Cut? Here’s Why… (But Also Why Not)

Cushion cut diamonds have several advantages, including their affordability compared to round diamonds and their distinctive, romantic aesthetic. However, finding the perfect cushion cut locally can be could be a wild-goose chase, and traditional jewelers often overcharge for them. You also need to be on guard for color and symmetry issues, as well as large culet sizes, which affect the diamond’s overall appearance.

Choosing the right stone

When considering a cushion cut diamond, you need to weigh factors such as budget, hand shape, and desired brilliance. The length-to-width ratio is an important consideration, with the ideal range falling between 1.00 and 1.20 for optimal appearance. Additionally, going for a color grade of H or higher is recommended for white gold settings to ensure a brilliant and attractive diamond.

All that said, cushion cut diamonds offer a beautiful and affordable option for engagement rings, with their unique beauty and romantic charm. By understanding the variations in cutting styles, light performance, and potential challenges in finding the right one for you, you can make an informed decision when selecting the perfect cushion cut diamond for your special moment.