Five Reasons To Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring


An engagement ring takes the commitment of your bond to the next level. So, it should be as pure and unique as your relationship.

Diamonds used to take millions of years to form, but these pretty lab diamonds are grown in weeks. The lab grown diamonds are as sparkling as the mined diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are real and fabulous; they are ethical, eco-friendly, and economical. They, on the other hand, are created in a controlled environment with minimal environmental impact.

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What are lab grown diamond engagement rings?

A lab-grown or lab-created diamond is a diamond grown in a controlled laboratory setting that is the same as our earth with high-heat and high-pressure to form a diamond. So, an engagement ring having a lab-grown diamond is a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

Five Reasons To Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

What are the advantages of buying a lab-grown diamond?

  • Lab-grown diamonds are economical
  • It’s an ethical choice
  • They look the same
  • Lab-grown diamonds are unique and stylish
  • Lab-grown diamonds give you an impressive shopping experience


Lab-grown diamonds are approximately 40% cheaper than the traditionally mined diamond. So, you can have a larger diamond at a lower price. Upgrading carat, cut, clarity, or customizing the perfect lab grown diamond engagement rings is a surprisingly affordable endeavor. It is because lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than traditionally mined diamonds of the same quality. When you think and understand the fact, that lab-grown diamonds are the same as earth-grown diamonds but cost a significant amount less, then you might not think twice before purchasing them.

Lab grown diamonds are less expensive but technologically advanced as they are grown from a small diamond seed. It happens through a specialized method of chemical vapor deposition to form a full-sized diamond.



Mined diamonds have a reputation for being unethical. Lab-grown diamonds at least do not scare earth by heavy-machineries and procedures. You might have heard about mined diamonds having a nickname named blood diamonds. As lab-grown diamonds are created under a controlled atmosphere, so no ethical issues exist. They are also better for the environment as they are not mined.

So, starting a new bond with an ethical, economical, yet adorable engagement ring isn’t a difficult choice. Either going for a customized ring or want to shop from a collection, Finer is the best choice. Young people are falling out of love with mined diamonds because of their high environmental and humanitarian costs. Buy lab created engagement ring.


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To the naked eye, both mined & lab-grown diamonds look the same. Diamond-detectors and traditional observations cannot identify between the two given, as they are identical in all chemical, optical, and physical properties. That means if you are wearing a lab-grown diamond ring, then none of your friends or colleagues might find that you’re wearing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring.

The demand for lab-grown diamond engagement rings is growing day by day. So, you can have a bigger diamond lab-grown engagement ring in your budget.



Lab grown diamonds offer a wide range of options in shapes and cuts to us. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are becoming the choice of millions now. You can choose from round-cut diamonds to pear, oval, marquise, emerald, heart, triangle, cushion, or princess cut diamonds. You want the look and feel of a diamond engagement ring, but you want it at an affordable price yet stylish cut, then you are at the right place.

At Finer Jewelry, our experts will definitely help you in choosing the most suitable lab-grown engagement ring for your D-Day.



Lab grown diamonds are grown at a faster rate than the mined diamonds. The labs in which they are grown maintain a highly strict & controlled atmosphere, which means they are of high quality. So, you can get your favorite cut, shape, and size of a diamond at a faster pace.

In fact, lab-grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds, you can create an engagement ring with a custom design while staying within your budget.

If you still have any queries regarding the process of lab-grown diamonds, then you can visit the nearest store of Finer Jewelry.

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