gender neutral rings

If you’re among the 1.2 million Americans who identify as nonbinary, finding clothes can be a challenge… let alone jewelry.

If you want to spruce up your wardrobe with some stylish rings, it’s important that you find unisex styles that you can feel confident rocking every day. This is also true if you’re looking to affirm a nonbinary partner or loved one.

But how can you find and choose gender neutral rings that you or your loved one will enjoy? What customization options can make these styles better for nonbinary individuals? Read on to answer these questions and find the best rings for anyone regardless of their gender.

Simple Minimalist Bands

Minimalism is the idea that less is more. When you design or purchase minimalist jewelry, you’re investing in something simple that matches every style. Both men and women enjoy wearing minimalist rings, and those outside of that binary also can rock them with any outfit.

The most popular form of minimalist ring is a plain band. You can get them in any level of thickness you want, but medium bands between 2-4 mm thick are ideal for nonbinary folks. These bands can come in multiple colors including silver, white-gold, yellow-gold, and even rose-gold for more feminine-presenting enbies.

Some simple bands also might incorporate a tiny gemstone or multiple shining gem studs. White and black are neutral stone hues that work well for nonbinary people regardless of their wardrobe. Of course, some people may prefer to leave these stones out, but it is an option to consider.

Minimalist jewelry is perfect for gender-neutral fashion in part because of its simplicity. You don’t need to worry about getting a band that’s so thick and textured that it becomes masculine. Large shimmering gemstones that may be considered too feminine are also unnecessary for minimalist bands.

They also work well for those who identify as gender-fluid and wear both masculine and feminine outfits at different times. They don’t clash with anything but instead accentuate any look. Whether you want to wear a dress or button-down menswear, you can wear your simple gender neutral ring on any day.

Textured Design Options

Simple bands don’t need to be completely plain in order to be minimalist. If you perceive gemstones as too feminine but want to add some personal flair to an otherwise unadorned design, playing with texture is a good choice.

Many nonbinary people choose rings with sharp or dull grooves on the band at even intervals. These raised “stripes” occasionally lay horizontally across the circumference of the band. More often, though, they’re vertical grooves that span the height of your ring evenly.

You can also request fine custom rings with more organic, random textures. Waves and swirls are good choices for people with different gender identities- they have 0 gendered expectations attached to them.

If you’re a fan of flowers or thorns, you can also have these patterns carved or molded into the surface of your band. Note that raised textures can in some cases be made from differently-colored metals from the rest of your ring. The possibilities are limitless!

Stackable Rings

Stackable rings are usually 1-2 mm thick. Their thinness is important because they’re made to be worn with other stackable rings above or below them.

This is awesome because gender-neutral people can add or remove thickness from their ring design depending on their relationship with their gender on any given day. This makes stackable rings a great choice for gender-fluid or bigender enbies. It’s also important because the subtlety of thin rings makes them a great choice for agender individuals looking to spruce up their daily wear.

You can get stackable rings in all the same styles and metals that simple bands come in. Since they tend to be less expensive than other styles (due to using fewer materials), you also will be able to buy more rings that lean towards representing multiple gender presentations.

Spinner Rings

If you (or the loved one you’re jewelry-shopping for) deal with a lot of daily stress or anxiety, a spinner ring makes for an excellent gender-neutral ring.

These two-banded pieces feature a small ring that fits snugly around the finger but remains unseen. The visible part is a slightly larger ring attached to its exterior that rotates when manually spun. The idea is that those with stress can redirect their fidgeting in a subtle and productive movement while reducing their anxiety during their daily lives.

You may have seen these for $10 at common department stores, but they aren’t just a cheap gift. You can have fine custom spinner rings made with high-end metals and even real precious gemstones. If you can dream up a luxury ring design, you can easily ask Finer Custom Jewelry experts to turn it into a spinner ring.

Moonstone Madness

Many people perceive gemstones as being more feminine than masculine. However, this isn’t always the case- people of all genders can show off gems when rocking jewelry. It isn’t only for women and femme-presenting enbies.

One of the best gender-neutral gemstones is moonstone. There are tons of stories surrounding these pieces, including legends that they protect travelers. Other legends say that two people wearing moonstone at the same time will fall in love while some say that it makes the wearer more emotionally perceptive.

Regardless of whether or not these properties are true, moonstone rings are the epitome of genderless gemstone jewelry.

They don’t give off a stereotypically-feminine glimmer or shine with multiple rainbow hues. Instead, they have a soft white sheen that goes with both masculine and feminine outfits. You can get moonstone embedded into rings regardless of what size stone you’re looking to show off or what metal you’re planning to use.

You also can get ring bands that incorporate moonstone into all of its visible areas. Custom-designing a silver or white-gold band that has smooth moonstone on all its visible parts is a great way to create a unique ring. The evenness of these bands makes them unisex and their neutral white glow looks great on people of any gender.

Black Pearls and Diamonds

Are you a fan of black? Are you looking to jump on one of the latest jewelry trends of 2022 and beyond? Black gemstones might be the right option for you.

Black pearls have the same soft sheen that moonstone offers, but it’s black rather than white. These pearls are actually made from various dark colors such as gray, dark blue, and purple. However, the combination of these hues gives the illusion of black in a fully-natural Tahitian pearl.

One of the best ways to style black pearls is by ordering a custom titanium ring (or one made from another black metal. You can add a small knot to the band for texture and visual appeal, setting the pearl within the center or to the side of the knot. This creates a unique texture while keeping a uniform color.

Black diamonds are another popular black stone trend in modern jewelry. Despite being colored diamonds, they still appear gender-neutral because of their inky hue. They don’t refract light but instead absorb it, creating depth and mystery rather than a rainbow amalgamation of light.

Gothic Glory

Lots of nonbinary folks are really into unique subcultures including gothic fashion. If this describes you, you can use black diamonds or pearls to create gothic-look rings. They go well with any outfit but are especially beautiful with black dresses, gothic suits, corsets, and steampunk-style accessories.

A coffin-cut black diamond is a great way to channel your inner goth. Some people- especially those looking to mix masculine and feminine aesthetics- like to pair these uniquely-shaped diamonds with a rose-gold band. If you don’t like pink, though, you can have them custom-made with any type of metal.

You also can incorporate black pearls in the center of titanium or steel flowers. This is a fun custom style to design alongside a Finer Custom Jeweler because you get to choose the precise shape of the flowers and determine how to make them look gender-neutral.

You also may be interested in adding texture to the band in the form of raised thorns or even making real-looking thorns extend out past the band. This will make the ring look like a gothic rose vine that culminates in the central black stone.

Get the Best Gender Neutral Rings Today

While choosing affirming jewelry can be extremely difficult for nonbinary folks, gender neutral rings are becoming easier to come by than ever before. This is especially true when you choose custom fine jewelry and design your own dream piece.

Now that you know how to find the best rings for non-binary people, it’s time to get started. Finer Custom Jewelry is committed to bringing the piece you’re envisioning to life with high-quality materials and professionally proven methods. Contact us to schedule a custom jewelry appointment- we’re excited to show you what we’re capable of.