How To Build a Personalized Layered Necklace

How To Build a Personalized Layered Necklace

The key to successful stacking is to alter the lengths of your necklaces. This will allow each of your pieces to shine in their place rather than competing for attention with one another. We want to make it simple to stack your favorite pieces and avoid chain tangles. Choose from different chain lengths to get the perfect fit for your neckline. Remember that all of our items come with a 1″ shortening ring, allowing you to change your appearance with different lengths daily. 


You’ll be happy to know that you can never have too much minimalist jewelry. Add a chain to your necklace, but remember to choose both of different lengths. Add a stone or a charm for a flash of color and texture to finish your look. You can simply express yourself by adding a trendy personalized item that symbolizes your nature.

Make a statement

Wear a thick chain with a coin necklace for an on-trend style and an off-shoulder top to show off your collar bone. Don’t overlook your possibilities for varied weights and textures of chains, such as a bead, other stones, rope, and so on. A quick tip: not only is this good for your style, but it also helps to prevent tangling.

To add individuality and uniqueness to your design, stack pieces of all lengths and sizes. Selecting necklaces of various lengths allows each piece to shine out on its own without getting tangled. 


Consider your top’s cut as a frame for your necklaces. Your shirt’s neckline and jewelry style should complement one other rather than compete for attention.

V-neck tops are easy to style and highly fashionable right now, so you’ll want to have one to show off your new stacking abilities! Furthermore, a dark monotone hue will highlight the gold-finished necklace or silver-finished necklace. Just try to contrast your necklace’s color and your dress’s color.

Mix & match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match delicate necklaces with chunkier chained necklaces for a bold appearance that will stand out. Don’t be afraid to play around with texture and volume, whether you’re going for basic elegant or dramatic and trendy. This layering trend provides you with a lot of options. Do you want to have some fun? Include a choker necklace made of shell.


Do you want something a little more contemporary? A simple and beautiful lucky charm layered necklace might be the ideal addition to your outfit for a more sophisticated appearance.

Add a layered necklace to your collection if you want to make your basic and casual clothing stand out. You’re set for a Spring night out if you add a leather or denim jacket to the mix—for example, two simple chains of different lengths with a necklace of your birthstone.

Enhance your outfit

With a gorgeous stack of stacked necklaces, there’s no better way to add intrigue and beauty to your outfits during this transitional season. Combine a warm knitted sweater or cardigan with gorgeous pendant necklaces in different lengths for a relaxed look. It looks to be both practical and stylish… a win-win situation!
Combine a V-neck cotton top with a layered necklace during summer. The shift in seasons can not take away your chance to wear your favorite necklace. 


Do you wish to improve your creativity? Whether it’s a simple initial necklace at the heart of your outfit or a spectacular pendant showing your name, a personalized necklace can make your layering combination notable. For fun layered necklaces and even customized necklaces visit Finer Jewelry. Our experts will help you to choose or customize the best-layered necklace for you.