How To Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

How to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring


Things to know before buying a diamond ring:


Get your basics right: 

Before considering buying a diamond ring, you must first learn the language of diamonds. This includes the four Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the most important four considerations to consider when assessing the value of a diamond. 


Cut : The cut is considered the most critical of the four Cs. It decides the amount of sparkle in a diamond. As compared to a well-cut diamond, a poorly cut diamond would be dull and shine less. Furthermore, some cuts, such as marquise or princess, can make a diamond appear larger than it is.


Color : The second C is color, and it’s defined in terms of the D-Z range. Diamonds graded D are the costliest diamonds.


Clarity : The next step is to see the clarity of a diamond. The tiny defects or blemishes in a diamond are what decide its clarity. Inclusion is a term for these flaws. If the number of inclusions in a diamond grows, the transparency of the diamond decreases. The better the gem, the higher the clarity. Flawless (FL) diamonds are those with the highest clarity.


Carat : Carat is used to define a diamond’s weight. As the carat value rises, so does the price of the stone. However, keep in mind that the price of two stones of the same carat value will vary depending on the other three Cs.


Understand Her Jewelry Preferences 

Keep an eye out for the sort of jewelry she already has on. Is she more traditional or contemporary? Is it more common for her to wear white metals or yellow gold? Do her pieces have a delicate or chunky feel to them? Ornate or simple? When you go shopping, keep these preferences in mind. You can’t go wrong if you buy anything close to what she already likes. So, buy a diamond engagement ring of her preference.


Select a Setting:

Consider her way of life and how well a particular setting design would complement it. Look for lower-profile, less ornate, or more stable mountings if she’s more adventurous. Look for statement settings with a higher stone profile, a more detailed ring setting, or a unique design if she’s more of a glamour girl.

Some of the classic ring settings are:

  • Solitaire 
  • Sidestone 
  • Halo
  • Three stone
Express it with a ring!

Decide on a Metal

Since a diamond engagement ring is intended to be worn for a lifetime, it is often made of gold or platinum, both of which are extremely durable metals that can endure decades of everyday wear. Metal color is a personal choice, with gold offering more color options: white, yellow, or rose. Since a diamond’s color is influenced by its surroundings, metal color is also a factor to consider.


Know Her Ring Size:

If she wears rings, take one from her collection. To make an impression, draw the inner circle on a piece of paper or press the ring into a bar of soap. You may also draw a line where it ends by slipping it down one of your fingers. These measures may be used by a jeweler to determine her estimated ring size.


These all factors are to be considered while buying an engagement ring. Are you searching for the best engagement ring? Custom Finer Jewelry presents you with the best collection of engagement rings, also provides you with customizing rings.