How To Pick the Right Diamond Cut Shape for Your Engagement Ring

How To Pick the Right Diamond Cut Shape for Your Engagement Ring

How to Choose the Right Diamond Cut Shape For Your Engagement Ring

The diamond cut you choose for your custom engagement ring is a significant decision that impacts the overall look and feel of the ring. The cut refers to both the shape of the diamond and the quality of its proportions, symmetry, and polish. These factors affect how the diamond reflects and refracts light, creating its signature sparkle. So, how to pick the right diamond cut shape for your engagement ring?

Popular Diamond Cuts

  • There are many diamond cuts to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics:
  • Round Brilliant: The most popular cut, known for its exceptional brilliance.
  • Princess: A square or rectangular cut with sharp edges and impressive sparkle.
  • Cushion: A square shape with rounded corners, offering a softer and more romantic look.
  • Emerald: A rectangular cut with long, stepped facets, giving a more elegant vibe.
  • Oval: An elongated shape that creates the illusion of a larger stone.
  • Pear: A teardrop-shaped cut that combines the brilliance of a round cut with the unique shape of a marquise.


The Quality of a Diamond’s Cut

A well-cut diamond showcases brilliance (white light reflection), fire (light dispersion into rainbow colors), and scintillation (the play of light and dark when the diamond moves). Prioritizing cut quality ensures that your diamond will have maximum sparkle.

The cut refers to both the shape of the diamond and the quality of its proportions, symmetry, and polish.

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Symbolism and Personality of Diamond Cut Shapes

Each diamond cut has certain symbolic meanings and can reflect different aspects of your personality and relationship. For example, the round brilliant cut is often linked to classic elegance and eternal love, while the princess cut may appeal to couples who appreciate modern design and share a strong bond.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Diamond Cut Shape

When choosing a diamond cut, consider the following factors:

  1. Personal preference and style
  2. The ring setting style (certain cuts pair better with specific settings)
  3. Finger shape (some cuts can create a slimming effect or balance out finger length)


Your diamond cut should also reflect your style, personality, and love story (we’re softies, it’s true). By understanding the characteristics associated with each cut, you can make a better decision and select a shape and cut that you’ll never want to take off your finger.

The Importance of Cut Quality in Diamond Value

While the shape of a diamond is a matter of personal taste, the quality of the cut is an objective measure that really impacts the stone’s value. A diamond with an excellent cut grade will command a higher price than a poorly cut diamond of the same carat weight, color, and clarity. This is because a well-cut diamond maximizes the stone’s inherent beauty and brilliance, making it more visually appealing and valuable. Kinda like, do you want a Chevy Spark or a Benz? No-brainer.

Choosing the Perfect Diamond Cut for Your Custom Engagement Ring

At Finer Custom Engagement Rings and Diamonds, we offer an extensive selection of diamond cuts for everyone and their different preferences. Our experienced designers will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect stone with the perfect cut for your custom engagement ring. If you’re ready to see how we can do this for you, schedule your in-store appointment today. 

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