Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Guide

Jewelry Repair and Maintenance Guide

Fine Jewelry has great value both monetarily and personally. To clean it and maintain it should be a routine, just like cleaning vessels. Any valuable item and article require careful repair and maintenance to keep its appearance and integrity. People are careful when it comes to jewelry. They do this by researching various methods and procedures for effectively repairing and maintaining their jewels. In this blog, we will enlighten you with a small guide to maintain & repair your jewelry.


Ring replacements, as well as other types of jewelry repair jobs, are crucial measures in repairing and saving the jewelry for many years to come. So, what do you know about jewelry repairs to reduce jewelry repair time and guarantee the longevity of your precious engagement ring or grandmother’s antique earrings? We’ve collected a few tips for you. 


Routine inspections

People often do not think to get their rings cleaned before something goes wrong, but normal wear and tear on the jewels are unavoidable. The prongs of a ring are usually the weakest component of it. They are vulnerable to being bumped or snagged on clothes, which may cause them to loosen. Replacing a diamond is much more expensive than repairing a broken prong. However, a broken prong is not necessarily noticeable to everyday ring wearers. As a result, we recommend that you have your jewelry tested at least every six months to ensure that it is in good order.

When inspecting jewels, our experts Jewelers use a skilled eye as well as magnifying tools to better locate problems that are invisible to the naked eye. This is particularly important for jewelry that is worn daily, such as a wedding ring. We search for broken prongs, loose gemstones, and a variety of other possible flaws. Since a tennis bracelet is made up of several diamonds and hinged ties, it is more vulnerable to wear than other jewelry.

Jewelry Cleaning

Your jewelry can last longer if it is polished and maintained daily. We’ve given some useful suggestions for caring for your prized belongings, whether it’s a pearl ring or a pair of diamond earrings.


We suggest soaking the diamonds in a solution of warm water, detergent, and cloudy ammonia, then brush the jewelry carefully with a gentle toothbrush to clean dirt. If your jewelry is dirty and set with hard stones such as diamonds or sapphires that you like to see glitter, one of the fastest and most efficient jewelry cleaning techniques is a little soap and water. That will do wonders for sure. We recommend doing this once or twice a week.


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Jewelry Storage

Nobody’s wardrobe is going to have a velvet-lined Fort Knox. However, identifying the right storage locations for particular types of jewelry will help to prolong the life of your items and reduce the need for jewelry cleaning. When not wearing your necklace, store it in a soft compartment or jar. Jewelry may get scratched if it is crowded together. Store the same kind of jewelry together. Store routine jewelry in a different box, and occasional jewelry in a different box.


After Repair

The repaired region of a successful jewelry repair area has the same tone, luster, and appearance as the rest of the piece:

  • No hammering marks are visible
  • Stones are tight and secured in the setting (prongs or claws)
  • There are no visible seams from cutting and soldering, as with ring or chain fixes.


Despite the importance of regular jewelry care, jewelry repairs are often unavoidable. It is important to get your jewelry fixed as soon as you find a fault to avoid any damage to your piece.

If you’re searching for a more advanced jewelry repair service, you should probably go to a reliable and experienced jeweler like Finer Jewelry. We are well-known not only for our unmatched quality and exclusive Diamond Jewelry, but also for our specialist Jewelry Repair services, which include repairing, cleaning, & jewelry maintenance.