Non-Engagement Rings

Non-Engagement Ring Ideas

Self-love is greater than any other form of love. So, when it comes to buying a ring for yourself, there are no rules on design. Buying a brilliant ring is no longer limited to proposals, marriages, and anniversaries to celebrate good news in your life or simply for the pleasure of possessing a magnificent piece.

The non-engagement ring is appropriate for any occasion! Rather than waiting for a special occasion or someone special to present them with the dazzling item they’ve been coveting, an increasing number of people are buying fashion rings and non-engagement rings for themselves. It is all about acknowledging the love you have for yourself. It acts as a daily reminder to exercise self-love and to pamper yourself from time to time.
Discover the ideal non-engagement ring for yourself at Finer Jewelry. From delicate diamond ring designs to bands adorned with precious stones are all available under the same roof.

The Curved Half Moon Diamond Ring

The Curved Half Moon Diamond Ring

The curved ring is encrusted with diamonds, making a half-moon illusion. You can stack it with your engagement ring also. Choosing fancy colored diamonds or gemstones for this type of ring is an appealing option too.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Fancy-shaped diamonds are trending nowadays. marquise cut, teardrop cut, asscher cut, princess cut are all trending. You can mix-match two shapes and can place them alternatively on a half silver or platinum band. Fancy-shaped diamonds in your ring will look both modern and minimal.

You can go for both fancy colored and fancy-shaped diamonds. Celebrate small occasions and enjoy each moment of your life with diamond rings. You’ll cherish that particular moment whenever you wear that ring.

Midi Rings

Midi Rings

Midi rings, which sit halfway between the top and bottom of a finger, are held in place by the small bumps on the knuckles. They’re frequently delicate, with little diamonds or gemstones. They’re highly eye-catching and one of the most distinctive and uncommon styles of ring.

Finer Custom Jewelry ring designs

Stackable Rings

Stackable Rings

Ring on a ring on a ring, stackable ring is designed to be layered on top of one another. Because you can stack rings from two to ten, the only restriction is the wearer’s comfort. They’re frequently sold in sets and may include stones or attached designs that match with neighboring bands with ease.

Statement Ring

Statement Ring

It’s either go big or go home, and sometimes it’s the only option. If you are bolder and steal the show type of girl, then a statement ring is a good choice. When selecting this, consider color, diamonds, and intricate features.

Thin Bands

Thin Bands

Thin bands can be worn on any finger and can frequently be stacked with other rings. Some are plain, while others are multi-metal rings, having a unique twist. The white ceramic band set in a 14k yellow gold band looks lovely, especially on small fingers. You can also have a word or date up to a few characters long engraved on the inside of the ring as a bonus. As a non-engagement ring, this ring checks all the criteria.



Have a birthday celebration by giving a ring gift with the birthstone. Birthstone rings come in many different sizes and three different metal colors. Each delicate piece is handcrafted by hand. As a result, their hue may vary somewhat, but their quality never suffers.


1. How much should you spend on a diamond ring?

When it comes to deciding how much to invest in a diamond ring there are factors to consider. These factors include the diamonds shape, grade, metal selection and level of detail. The price range, for diamond rings can vary significantly based on these factors.

For example Finer Jewelry offers a diamond ring starting at $995 which features a.1ct Round Brilliant cut diamond on a white gold band. On the end of the spectrum we also have the Multi Row Pave Ring with 3.8cts of Round Brilliant cut diamonds on a 14k solid gold band priced at $7,995.

To determine the value of a diamond ring. Find one that matches your preferences and budget seeking guidance from professionals in the field is recommended. These experts can offer insights, into pricing. Help you make informed decisions. Ultimately the amount you choose to spend on a diamond ring will depend on your preferences and financial situation.

2. How to buy a non-engagement diamond ring?

If you’re interested, in buying a diamond ring thats not meant for engagements here’s what you can do;

 A. Look for diamond sellers; Start by finding diamond sellers like Finer Custom Jewelry. It’s important to choose sellers known for their high quality products and               excellent customer service.

 B. Understand diamond certification; Before making a purchase make sure the diamond is certified by organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).         Certification ensures the authenticity of the diamond. Provides information about its characteristics, such as cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

 C. Explore options in person; Visit the retailers website or physical store to explore their collection of engagement diamond rings. Retailers like Finer Jewelry offer a          range of designs for any occasion. Take your time to browse through their inventory and find the engagement ring that matches your style and preferences.

 D. Personalize your ring; Once you’ve found a ring you adore take advantage of customization options offered by the seller. Choose your desired diamond shape              select the metal color for the band and consider details, like band thickness or any decorative elements.

 E. Make sure you know the ring size of either the recipient or yourself, before purchasing. You can do this by referring to a ring sizing chart or seeking assistance from       a jeweler.

 F. Once you have finalized the specifications proceed to place your order. If you are ordering online provide all the details. Securely complete the payment process.         If you prefer an in person experience visit the retailers showroom. Place your order with the help of their sales team.

 G. Keep in mind that non engagement diamond rings are usually custom made so production time may vary. Once your ring is crafted according to your specifications       it will be safely shipped to the address you provided. Typically shipping takes ten business days although this timeline can vary depending on the retailer and               location.

 H. Consider seeking expert advice if you need assistance in selecting or designing your engagement diamond ring. Many retailers offer consultations with their                    diamond experts, for guidance. Take advantage of these services to ensure that you make a decision and create a ring that truly reflects your style and                          preferences.

3. What are the best non-engagement diamond ring settings?

When it comes to selecting the setting, for diamond rings that are not intended for engagements there are options available to suit your preferences. If you prefer a timeless and traditional appearance you could consider engagement ring settings like Bezel, Halo or Solitaire. These classic designs beautifully showcase the diamonds while exuding sophistication and elegance.

For those seeking a distinctive look there is an abundance of unconventional statement rings to explore. These captivating designs make fashion statements and present diamonds in ways. For wear you might contemplate choices such, as the Multi Row Pavé Ring which features rows of diamonds for extra sparkle or a Cuff Ring that gracefully wraps around your finger.

Ultimately the ideal non engagement diamond ring setting will rely on your style preferences and desired impact. Whether you opt for a setting or an unconventional design there are possibilities to ensure that your non engagement diamond ring reflects your individual taste and becomes a treasured piece of jewelry.

4. How to wear a non-engagement diamond ring?

When it comes to wearing a diamond ring that’s n’t, for engagement there are plenty of options to match your personal style. The great thing about diamond rings is that they always make an impression on their own. You have the freedom to wear them on any finger you like although traditionally people reserve the ring finger for engagement rings.

If you happen to have a engagement diamond ring there are different ways to show it off. Some diamond rings, like cuff rings or bands with pavé diamonds are perfect, for stacking. By combining your lab grown diamond ring with rings you can create an eye catching stack where your ring becomes the center of attention. This allows you to craft a one of a kind and fashionable look while highlighting the beauty of your engagement diamond ring.

Final Words

Whether it is a fancy colored diamond ring or a fancy-shaped diamond ring, our experts will help you with all. We pay attention to minor details that are important to you.