Are you thinking of tying the knot soon, and wondering where to get a beautiful diamond engagement ring?

You might want to consider an oval lab grown diamond engagement ring. Lab-grown diamonds replicate the natural formation of mined diamonds. This makes them indistinguishable from mined diamonds. The main benefit: they cost substantially less than traditionally mined diamonds!

You don’t have to compromise quality for price or vice versa! Aside from the price, there are numerous other benefits of lab grown diamonds.

In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about lab diamonds. Read this lab diamond guide to find out more.

Benefits of an Oval Lab Grown Diamond

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and devotion, representing your commitment to start the next chapter together. So it’s no surprise that you want to get the perfect ring for your partner.

Ideally, you want your ring to be not only beautiful but ethical, too.

Diamonds have long been seen as traditional when it comes to engagement rings. However, mined diamonds come with various ethical and humanitarian issues. This may be concerning for some.

To help make an easier decision here, are eight reasons why lab grown diamond engagement rings could be the right choice!


Lab grown diamonds provide you with the capability to purchase a larger or higher quality diamond at an affordable price. You can even create your own custom lab grown diamond engagement ring without breaking the bank. On average, they cost 40% less compared to regular mined diamonds!

Don’t be misled by the cost of lab grown diamonds; they boast cutting-edge technology. The process begins with a tiny diamond seed and then uses chemical vapor deposition to form an entire gemstone. This proves that quality doesn’t necessarily come at a hefty price tag.

In reality, why would you want to buy a mined diamond when there’s no actual difference? Investing in one of these sparkling gems allows for maximum sparkle without compromising on cost.

More Ethical

Traditionally mined diamonds have a well-deserved reputation for being ethically questionable. And rightfully so.

Ethical problems are vast. They range from funding wars in Africa to the large environmental impact and energy consumption required for their retrieval. Today, there is simply no ethical justification or excuse.

In contrast, lab grown diamonds are manufactured within a controlled environment. With this process comes none of the moral issues that come with its natural counterpart.

Lab Diamonds Are Conflict Free

You may have heard of the notorious “blood diamonds.” These mined gems have earned their name. This is due to their use as a way to finance wars and rebellions in African countries, where many of these diamonds are extracted.

Additionally, there is an ethical dilemma when it comes to fair pay and inadequate working conditions when you buy these kinds of diamond. This includes child labor exploitation and disregard for human rights.

Not only do lab grown diamonds prevent ethical and humanitarian violations, but their traceability is far more robust. As the origin of a mined diamond can be hard to track, guaranteeing an ethically sourced product is much tougher.

If you buy a laboratory-created gemstone, you’ll know precisely where it came from. This will provide peace of mind in your acquisition.

Minimizes Environmental Impact

In a nutshell, lab-created diamonds are more ecologically responsible since they don’t require extensive extraction.

Mining these precious gems causes severe environmental harm. It takes an astonishing 88,000 to 176,000 pounds of soil to unearth a one-carat diamond! This has resulted in some of the world’s biggest manmade pits and led to dramatic ecological disruption.

Put simply: when you opt for laboratory-grown diamonds over mined ones, you can rest assured that your purchase is doing its part in protecting our planet’s environment.

Lab Grown Diamonds Are Authentic

Lab created diamonds are essentially identical to mined diamonds. Both are processed with the same chemical composition and optical and physical characteristics.

They are manufactured in a controlled environment under conditions nearly the same in terms of pressure and temperature as those which occur naturally. There is no disagreement that lab-grown stones possess the same properties as their counterparts from nature.

Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from regular diamonds in every way. However, the same cannot be said of diamond substitutes. Cubic zirconia and moissanite boast excellent sparkle but lack the chemical and optical properties of diamonds. As a result, they are significantly cheaper than their genuine counterparts.

Aesthetically the Same

A lab grown diamond has the same appearance as its mined counterpart. Diamond detectors as well as the naked eye cannot distinguish between these diamonds.

This is due to their chemical and optical sameness. Both varieties are inscribed with microscopic markings which look invisible. You need specialized apparatus to read them.

In other words, the only thing separating lab grown from mined diamonds is an unnoticeable inscription.

They Are Unique

Lab grown diamonds can present a wide range of fashion choices. These range from classic round, princess, cushion, or oval shapes to more modern marquise, pear, emerald, and heart.

They can also be tailored to any setting you have in mind for the diamond pieces you select. Lab grown diamonds will give you endless styling opportunities.

More Convenient

Lab grown diamonds are created under the same high pressure and temperature conditions as mined stones. However, they take a fraction of the time.

This monitored environment ensures only superior quality gems, making online shopping for lab grown diamonds effortless and far more diverse than traditional jewelry stores offer.

You can meticulously select individual loose stones from an extensive selection to create your own perfect diamond piece that reflects your personal style!

Thinking of Getting a Lab Grown Diamond?

Oval lab grown diamond engagement rings are the perfect choice for those looking to make an ethical purchase. There are so many benefits beyond the price.

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