The Meaning Of Eternity Rings

The Meaning Of Eternity Rings

Eternity rings, also known as Infinity rings, are bands of gold or platinum with diamonds or other jewels cut similarly and evenly spaced around them. The flawless arrangement of the precious stones assures that the ring will have an amazing glitter and eye-catching brightness regardless of the angle from which it is viewed.
Eternity rings are bought to celebrate significant events of your life. According to earlier customs, an eternity ring was traditionally given to a mother following the birth of her first child. Eternity rings are commonly given as anniversary gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, or birthday gifts in modern times. Buying Eternity Rings has never been easy without knowing their meaning and significance.

The gift of an eternity ring is considered a symbol of everlasting love and dedication since the circle of life has a common meaning. An eternity ring will always symbolize luxury, health, success, and the desire for never-ending love and happiness that couples aspire to share.


Eternity rings have existed for over 4000 years, unlike engagement rings, which first debuted during the 15th century. The first eternity rings were not fashioned of precious metals but popular materials, such as bone and pearls.

The first eternity rings are thought to have been exchanged in Ancient Egypt. The “Ouroboros,” or snake biting its tail, was a popular symbol at the period, representing infinity and wholeness. These infinity rings were popular among priests and were given as gifts on other occasions, but there was no designated occasion for them.

Which Finger

Although there are exceptions, the most common way to wear an eternity ring is on the same finger as your wedding band and engagement ring. The eternity ring might be the most costly diamond ring a woman owns, so styling it becomes a crucial part. Some women opt to wear it instead of their wedding band. Others prefer to wear it on their right hand’s third finger or relocate it to the fourth finger.

The reality is that where you wear your eternity band on your hand will depend on how busy your lifestyle is, the design of this ring, and your wedding and engagement rings. There is nothing right or wrong as long as you are comfortable with it.


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Difference Between Eternity Rings & Wedding Rings

Many couples mistake them for eternity rings on display when shopping for wedding rings. It’s hardly an unreasonable error to make because eternity bands frequently feature diamonds set around a band that resembles a wedding ring. Many couples chose infinity rings to exchange during the ceremony instead of traditional wedding rings.

There are, however, variances in the styling and design, as eternity rings often have jewels all around the band, and even half-band eternity rings will have more stones, as compared to wedding rings, which typically only have diamond accents.

Another way to distinguish between a wedding ring and a half-set eternity ring is to examine the shape: eternity rings’ tops are frequently raised. Furthermore, many wedding rings are made to complement and fit comfortably against the engagement ring, although eternity rings are marketed separately.

Full Eternity Rings

The stones in full eternity rings are arranged in a continuous line around the band. As a result, they are the most opulent and gleaming rings available. Minor discomfort is that the diamonds can catch on to things while using your hands, so you must be cautious when wearing a whole eternity band.

Half Eternity Rings

Stones are set across the top half of a half eternity ring. They may cover half or three-quarters of the band. Half eternity rings, according to some, are more practical and pleasant than complete eternity bands. Because the gems are located on the top of the band, they may accommodate larger stones than entire eternity bands.

Finer Jewelry

Eternity rings are extremely difficult to produce, and we handcraft the most beautiful and long-lasting ones:

  • Our experts begin the making by cutting the gold or platinum into a metal strip whose length must precisely match the ring wearer’s finger size.
  • The goldsmith next forms the strip into a band and connects the ends. There should be no obvious connections.
  • Meanwhile, a skilled diamond setter selects diamonds or stones with care. Size, cut, clarity, and color must all be consistent.
  • The most difficult part is placing the stones on the ring’s band. They must be precisely measured so that they fit side by side around the band without gaps.
  • As you might guess, if the diamond setter miscalculates the space, he cannot simply overlay stones at the end!

Wrapping Up

Take a note of the above-mentioned things while buying eternity rings. Eternity rings are beautiful and symbolic, and the one who receives them will remember them forever.