Tranding Wedding Bands

Trending Wedding Bands

In the world of fashion and culture, trends are fascinating phenomena. Sometimes it’s obvious and relatable when something becomes trendy, but other times it’s just not worth it. Trends in the bridal market take a bit longer to emerge than in other industries, which is a good thing because no one wants their engagement rings to be out of style before their first anniversary. How to decide which wedding band to buy? So let’s dive into the trending wedding bands, which we expect to continue far into the 20s.




Thin, fragile, plain, or diamond-encrusted rings appeared on the scene a few years ago and rapidly became popular on social media. Isn’t it true that larger is better when it comes to diamond jewelry? In reality, the narrowband and big center stone juxtaposition are two oddities that work nicely to draw attention to the center stone.


The surprising contrast of scales truly brings the center stone to life and makes it look bigger. However, don’t go too thin; we recommend at least a 1.8 mm width for optimum stability and endurance. Over time, a band that is too thin risks breaking, distorting, or losing its form. This is especially essential to remember for women who have an active lifestyle.


This style is best worn by women with thin fingers and small delicate hands, as it may be lost or appear too little on larger hands. This design appears best with a larger wedding band, twice the width of the engagement ring, with the breadth balancing beautifully beside the central stone.


Extended Center Stone


The advantages of an extended center stone shape, such as an oval, pear cut, or emerald cut, for an engagement ring are evident. These forms not only make fingers appear longer and slim, but they also appear larger. The oval cut diamond has been popular for a few years and is still the most popular choice for engagement rings.

Cushion, radiant, and emerald are three more elongated forms that are gaining fame. The face of these fancy-shaped diamonds is usually bigger. In recent years, ovals have remained the most popular fancy shape for weddings, while emerald cuts convey refinement, old-world charm, and elegance.


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Three-Stone Rings


Rings with three stones are making a comeback! A contemporary spin on a classic three-stone ring is to pair your center stone with tiny, complimentary side stones. A solitaire setting allows the center stone’s brilliance to shine through, but round or pear side stones are a great way to add a little bit extra to complement your diamond.  This has become one of our favorite trending wedding bands by far!


Many beautiful ovals are being set with tiny round and pear side stones that wonderfully complement the elongated main stone. 


Curved Bands


Curved and contoured bands are one of the most popular wedding styles in 2021. It uniquely hugs an engagement ring and matches particularly well with rings with fancy-shaped diamonds. This appealing contoured ring is intended to fit nicely with various engagement setting types or stack beautifully with other bands.


Eternity Bands


More brides are opting for stunning diamond eternity bands, which are highly sought after for their brilliance and significance. Eternity bands may represent everlasting love, making them a great choice for a wedding ring or a thoughtful anniversary present.





Maybe you and your spouse have an emerald, amethyst, ruby, sapphire, or another birthstone because you were born in the same month or because your relationship started in that month! You can go for any gemstone ring; it only doesn’t add color to your ring but will also add meaning to it.


Fancy Diamonds


While round diamonds remain the most common diamond, fancy diamond accents are increasingly gaining favor. Simply defined, fancy cut diamonds are diamonds that are not round in form. Diamond accents in the shape of a pear or a marquise are very popular. Their elegant contours are both feminine and refined, and they go with a variety of engagement ring types seamlessly.




Which is your favorite wedding band style? You can even go for a simple wedding band of gold, silver, or platinum—anything you choose but do remember that it should match your engagement ring. While trending wedding bands change regularly there are always classic ring styles to fall back on also.