A recent study found that $6,000 is the average price of an engagement ring. Engagement rings have long been synonymous with expensive diamond cuts such as the princess cut. Now that money is tight for many individuals, it’s time to bring back an old favorite: the trillion cut diamond.

Traditionally, trillion diamonds have been used as accent stones rather than center stones, but who wants to be traditional today? Trillion diamonds are unique and sure to catch everyone’s attention, but what exactly is a trillion diamond, and is it worth buying?

Don’t worry! We’ve investigated everything you need to know about trillion diamonds. That way, you can determine if a trillion diamond is right for you.

Are you ready to get started? Here’s an in-depth look at trillion diamond cut:

What Are Trillion Diamond Rings?

Trillion diamonds are cut into a triangle with three equal sides. The diamond cut was developed in the 1960s. This diamond cut has been used extensively as an accent stone to more popular center stones.

However, it can be used as a center stone; it’s just less common. A trillion diamond cut center stone creates a unique setting that will surely catch attention.

The triangle design allows the diamond to reflect light, making it extremely shiny and clear. If you want a unique and eclectic engagement ring, the trillion diamond is certainly for you.

Pros: Size, Cost, and Design

One of the best benefits of trillion diamond rings is that they appear larger than a round diamond with the same carat weight. You see, they appear larger because they are. Trillion diamonds have about a 12% larger surface making them one of the largest faces of any diamond shape.

Now, this may surprise you, but because of the diamond type, your ring will cost less. Trillion diamonds are large, but there’s less of a demand for them, so trillion diamonds are usually marked down to get people to buy them.

However, popular diamonds, like rounds, are in-demand and require a precise setting, so brands often mark them up for fair compensation. If you’re on a budget, choose a trillion-cut diamond; you will save money, and the ring will be an eye-catcher.

After all, trillion diamonds are rare, so not many people have seen one. You’ll likely get many compliments about your ring due to its impressive size and dazzling shape.

Cons: Fragile and Rare

As with any diamond, there are benefits and cons; the trillion cut diamond is no different. In fact, trillion cut diamonds have a few physical deficiencies.

For example, the diamond’s corners can be fragile, and if they’re not protected, they will chip and break. So set your diamond in a protective setting, such as V-shaped prongs, to ensure it does not break.

Another drawback is its limited availability. Since the cut is rare, you might have trouble finding one in a setting you like. After all, not only are they scarce, but they are difficult to set.

Many jewels won’t even set them, since it’s time-consuming and a hassle. In fact, popular retailers tend not to carry the diamond cut at all, so you’ll have to look to smaller businesses like Finer for your trillion diamonds.


Unlike other kinds of diamonds, there is no specific guide outlining what’s a good quality cut. You’ll just have to shop around for a trillion diamond you like and find appealing.

If you’re buying a ring online, ensure the vendor has good-quality photos/videos or a 3D rendering of the diamond. It will make it easier to see the quality of the diamond when you have multiple references for the cut.

If you’re buying a ring in a store, ensure that the salesperson shows you all the sides of the diamond in different lighting. Lighting can make a big difference when determining the quality of a stone.


While trillion diamonds have a unique and identifying shape, there are some customizations you can make to tailor the shape to your liking. For example, you can choose to have either the sides of the diamond flattened or rounded.

Flat sides will give your diamond a robust geometric design. However, flat sides are generally used when the diamond is an accent stone rather than a center stone.

Rounded sides give the diamond a polished and soft style. Rounded sides are typically used when the diamond is a center stone to give it a more sophisticated appearance.

Another way you can customize your diamond is by either keeping the corners sharp or cutting them off. Sharp corners embrace the design but come at a risk that they will chip or break off.

However, the ring’s design will change entirely if you cut off the corners. So you have to decide whether you want to risk damage with sharp corners or change the shape of an already beautiful stone.

Buy Trillion Cut Diamonds Today

Trillion cut diamonds are uniquely shaped and come in various settings to protect and enhance the stone. They are rare; however, their rarity doesn’t increase the price but lowers it due to their lack of popularity. So you can get a large diamond for less, isn’t that great?

Plus, since the diamond cut is less common, your ring will stand out and catch the attention of many. If you want to purchase a trillion diamond, we at Finer have just what you’re looking for. We have numerous trillion diamond cuts that can be made in a wide range of settings.

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