Weddings have rebounded in a big way after the COVID-19 pandemic forced couples to hold reduced and remote wedding ceremonies or put a halt to their wedding plans altogether. An estimated 2.6 million weddings will take place in 2022—a record number that hasn’t occurred since 1984.

Your wedding day is a special event for proclaiming your love to the person who holds your heart. One of the ways you commemorate this occasion is through the exchanging of wedding rings. The ring is a perfect circle, with no beginning and no end, just like your love for each other.

A custom wedding ring not only demonstrates your love for one another, but it also allows you to show off your unique style as a couple. There are so many wonderful and creative ways you can coordinate your wedding ring designs.

If you’re interested in custom wedding ring designs for couples, this guide will cover 5 great ideas you can use to make your custom wedding ring dreams a reality. Keep reading below for more information.

1. Two Halves That Make a Complete Image

A unique way to create a custom wedding ring design for couples is to use a half of an image for each wedding ring. When these rings are put together, the image becomes whole. Here are some ideas for images you can incorporate into your wedding ring concept.


Hearts are a classic symbol of love. In Greek mythology, their legend stated that all humans were born joined together as both man and woman, but Zeus split them into two separate beings. Mankind then has to spend the rest of their life finding their other half.

For the other half of your heart, a custom wedding ring with half of a heart on each ring will join together once the rings are placed side by side, just as you join your hearts together on your wedding day.

The heart halves can also be embellished with diamonds for an added effect.

Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol, like a wedding ring, continuously loops around with no starting point and no ending. It goes on forever like a sideways figure 8. This makes it a wonderful symbol for signifying that your love will never end.

Engraving one ring with the top portion of the infinity and the bottom portion on the infinity will connect them together once the rings are united.

Add accent diamonds for even more shimmer to your couple’s custom wedding ring style.

Lock and Key

Giving someone the key to your heart means only they can unlock the love inside of you. It is a special designation for that one individual who understands you like no one else can and makes you the happiest.

For the one who holds the key to your love, a lock and key is a stylish custom wedding ring design for couples. One ring features an engraved key, while the other side has a lock design. The key can be made to look like it integrates into the lock on the other ring.

The lock and key design can be stylized however you want for a truly custom piece.

2. Coordinating Metal Colors

Another great way to create a custom wedding ring for couples is by using coordinated metal types and colors. This allows you to customize the bride and groom’s rings however you want while still retaining a uniform look as a couple.

The 3 main standards of wedding ring metal colors are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.

Rose gold offers a more vintage look for custom wedding ring styles, while white gold is a more sleek and modern aesthetic. Yellow gold is seen as the most timeless and traditional wedding ring metal color.

Other metal colors such as black, blue, red, purple, and green are also available. Other metal types like Palladium, Rhodium, and Platinum are suitable gold metal band alternatives.

Gold Karat Compositions

Gold is priced based on its total karat composition, not to be confused with a diamond’s carat system. The most common karat values of gold are 10k, 14k, 18k, and 22k.

10k gold contains 41.7% gold with 58.3% made from metal alloys like copper and zinc to strengthen it. 14k gold, on the other hand is 58.3% pure gold and only 41.7% alloy.

18k gold is 75% pure gold with only 25% comprised of fillers. 22k gold is 91.6% pure gold and only 8.4% alloys.

24k is pure 100% gold and is, therefore, the most expensive of all, but due to its incredible softness, it is not well-suited for jewelry wear, so it is recommended you go with 14k-18k, or even as high as 22k if the budget permits.

How Much Should You Spend?

The type of metal color you choose could be based on personal color preferences as well as your overall ring budget. The cost of a ring can increase drastically due to the karat count of the metal band. The higher the karat count, the more pure gold it contains, which will drive up the cost.

The average cost for an engagement ring alone varies based on the couple, but there are many different factors involved. 81% of Americans surveyed don’t believe that a ring should cost over $5,000, but a solitaire 1-carat diamond ring is easily worth $5,500, while the national average is over $7,000.

Cultural and generational norms also dictate a new way of thinking about the cost of an engagement or wedding ring. Millennials and Generation Z couples are shaking up the wedding structure. A massive 90% of millennial women surveyed said they don’t think a ring should cost over $2,500.

In the end, your wedding ring budget should allow you to reflect your love for one another and honor your unique couple style without completely breaking the bank.

3. Mix and Match Custom Wedding Ring Designs

Of course, nothing says that your wedding rings have to be exact matching copies of each other. Instead of focusing only on the similarities, the best couples have their own individual tastes and should express them as they choose. This gives you so much more freedom to play around with creating the custom wedding ring each spouse wants the most.

Two-Tone and Three-Toned Gold Designs

Rather than opting for only one color of metal for your wedding ring band, two-tone and three-toned metal band designs let your imagination take flight.

A two-toned band incorporates 2 out of the 3 standard gold metal types together, while a three-toned band lets you use all 3 at the same time. You can even choose other colored metals to integrate into your custom wedding ring design.

These multi-toned bands combine metal colors for a contemporary appearance that is eye-catching and distinct. Mix rose gold with yellow gold or white gold and yellow gold, whatever you want is up to you. You can create dazzling color combinations that compliment or contrast one another for a daring style statement.

For example, a black metal band with rose gold band accents offers a stunning gothic vibe that non-traditional brides will adore. For men, they can also go bolder with platinum or white gold accented by a deep blue or black band that pops with color.

A multi-toned wedding ring band can also be inlaid in the center with semi-precious material such as iridescent opal or abalone. You can also use an inner or outer band of small accent diamonds or colored stones like sapphire or emerald. Men’s bands can contain materials like meteorite, wood, and tungsten.

A three-toned wedding ring band can be done in a solid three-ring style pattern to look like it’s stacked or it can be manipulated and twisted to give it a textured design like vines or ropes. Some rings have a center section of a particular metal color that the wearer can spin around like a fidget device.

The interplay of metal colors and textures creates an exquisite custom wedding ring.

4. Get Creative with Custom Engraving and Inscriptions

A custom wedding ring doesn’t even have to be showy or completely matchy-matchy on the outside to represent a couple’s love. The wedding ring is a symbol in and of itself that represents a person’s connection to their soulmate.

Sometimes the simplest method of creating a custom ring involves the engraving on the ring or the inscription inside of the band. This allows you to tailor your wedding ring to your significant other with a message that means the most to them. A wedding ring inscription is a constant reminder that they can look at whenever they need to know how much they are loved.

Pop Culture References

With a custom wedding ring, you can also go the other way, with a funny message or pop culture reference you both enjoy. Maybe you want to include a secret coded message that only the other person will know. With limited space inside, you can inscribe one ring with one part of a quote and complete it on the other ring.

Some ideas for pop culture references you can use for a custom wedding ring inscription could include:

  • “I love you” – “I know” from Star Wars
  • “One Ring” – “To Rule Them All” from Lord of the Rings
  • “I love you tons” – “I love you 3000” from Avengers: Endgame
  • “After all this time?” – “Always” from Harry Potter
  • “All you need is love” – “Love is all you need” from The Beatles

With so many movies, TV shows, and books, you’re certain to find the one that best represents your relationship. Other ways to use wedding ring inscriptions to make a truly custom piece may incorporate:

  • The day, month, and year of your first date
  • The latitude and longitude of your spouse’s place of birth
  • An inside joke or reference prominent throughout your relationship
  • Morse coded messages
  • A favorite song lyric
  • A Bible verse

They could decide to just put their names side by side or on either side of the center stone. Simple initials also give the option of an elegant custom piece without over-complicating or overwhelming the ring‘s design.

Custom Wedding Ring Engraving

Engraving is also a fantastic way to make a custom ring. With engraving, you can create an imprint of special text or images right into the ring’s surface for a lasting effect.

Some rings you can even engrave with a portion of your spouse’s fingerprint or a visualization of a wavelength of their voice or a fragment of their heartbeat. These custom wedding ring designs ensure your loved one is always with you in some way.

5. Coordinated Stone Couple’s Wedding Rings

The stones in wedding rings can also make for a fun way to connect your wedding ring with your partner’s. Even if you have opted to not have a uniform look to your rings, the stones you use can still pave the way for giving your custom wedding ring designs some continuity with one another.

This could involve both spouses seeking out a solitaire diamond to feature in the center of both of their rings that have the same shape and cut. This signifies the likeness of their rings.

Non-Diamond Options

If the couple decides not to use diamonds due to cost or ethical issues, a non-diamond precious or semi-precious gemstone works just as well. A growing number of young couples are trending away from diamonds in favor of lab-created diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are favored because they don’t carry the stigma of natural diamonds. They are more cost-effective, sustainable, and ethically friendly. Natural diamond rings declined 28% in popularity in the past year.

Birthstones are also a favorite choice for a custom wedding ring. Each spouse wears their partner’s corresponding birthstone to represent the month they were born. Hopefully, this way they’ll never forget their birthday.

If one central stone isn’t the top choice for both of your rings, then use these stones as a compliment to one another. For instance, if the bride wants to feature one larger central stone with smaller accents but the groom does not want a large stone, his ring can contain a line of small inlaid stones across the band instead. It will still look coordinated without being identical.

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