eternity ring

One of the most common reasons for a divorce is a lack of commitment. If you don’t put in the effort to show your love, you might lose your spouse. The best way to show everlasting love is through an eternity ring.

This amazing anniversary gift will show your significant other how much you cherish them. There are various types of jewelry out there, but this one will set you apart. With that in mind, here are more insights on an eternity ring.

What Is an Eternity Ring?

This anniversary ring represents unending love between two individuals. The design contains diamonds or other jewels around the band. A circle represents eternity, and the diamond and jewels symbolize love.

There is no specific rule for when a person should get an eternity ring. It often reflects a significant event in a couple’s lives. Usually, people get one on their tenth or later wedding anniversary.

What Is the Origin of the Eternity Ring?

These rings originated in Ancient Egypt 4,000 years ago. It re-emerged in the 18th century, and suitors often used it as a promise ring for their lovers. 18th-century rings focus on exquisite colored gemstones, while current ones prefer diamonds.

However, De Beers popularized the eternity ring as we know it today in the 1960s. He often pairs it with the legendary tagline, “She married you for better or worse. Tell her how things are going.”

Half Eternity Ring

Half of this ring contains diamonds. The other half has rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, or platinum. Here are the pros and cons of this ring:


It contains fewer diamonds than the other eternity rings, making it an affordable option. Since it is made of simple metals, you can adjust the eternity band. You can alter this ring if your finger size varies over time due to weight fluctuations or childbirth.

The bottom of your ring is more likely to come into contact with items, but you won’t have to worry about a diamond falling out. However, if you lose a diamond, some places provide a lifetime warranty and can replace them at no cost.


If your engagement ring is a full eternity band, a half-ring next to it may seem weird. The engagement ring and wedding band will match just halfway. The same holds true for an engagement ring with a simple band.

Full Eternal Ring

If you want to capitalize on the romantic connotations of “eternity” and everlasting love, then go for this ring. This is where the entire band is covered with diamonds. For more insights, here are the pros and cons:


The diamonds on this ring are completely circumferential, so there’s no need to worry about spin. That means those precious jewels will always be visible to your guests. This makes it beautiful from all angles; you will see diamonds regardless of how you rotate the ring.


More diamonds equate to a greater price point. Select a narrow band if you want an affordable option. The small size will contain smaller diamonds, which are less expensive.

Remember, you cannot resize the ring. Diamonds are the toughest material. Having it surrounding the band makes it inflexible.

3/4 Eternity

This is the best alternative if you cannot choose between a full and half-eternity band. This ring looks like a full eternity band, and a small portion of it is solid metal.

This also implies that it is less prone to rotate, so it will not reveal the non-diamond part. It can also be resized, combining the best of both worlds.

Choosing the Right Eternity Ring

Selecting a ring may be time-consuming, particularly if you want the best option for your significant other. Consider the following factors while choosing an eternity ring:

The Proper Occasion

You must choose the right opportunity to present the ring to your spouse. A memorable occasion, such as an anniversary, is a perfect time. Regardless of the event, you must prepare how and when you will surprise them.

Set Your Budget

It is essential to have a budget in mind to spend what you can afford. The ring is more significant than its monetary worth.

Select the Diamond Cut

A round diamond is a common option, but the shape is a matter of personal taste. An emerald or a pear cut has an elongated form and seems bigger than a round diamond.

Are Diamond Eternity Rings Certified?

Most diamond ring purchases include a diamond certificate or grading report. It reveals their weight, color, and clarity. The certification helps verify that the diamond’s specifications are accurate.

Ask if these jewels are certified when searching for the ideal diamond eternity ring. This indicates that an independent gemologist graded and inspected each diamond.

How Should You Wear an Eternity Ring?

How your spouse wears an eternity ring is totally up to them. It is often worn between the engagement and the wedding ring or on top of both rings.

Some wear eternity rings apart from their engagement and wedding rings, giving them their own location on the right hand. Your spouse can wear an eternity ring separately. This is often the case if the engagement and wedding rings should complement each other as a pair.

Can a Proposal Be Made With an Eternity Ring?

The ring you used to propose is entirely up to you. Some prefer an eternity band with several stones and an elaborate design over an engagement ring. You may also propose with an eternity ring before selecting the ideal engagement ring as a pair.

How Much Is an Eternity Ring?

How much you should spend on an eternity ring depends on your budget. They can range from $2,000 to $24,000. If you’re concerned about the price, start budgeting early.

The costs might vary based on the diamond’s cut and the quality of the material. Most couples spend 50% of the costs of an engagement ring.

What Is the Best Eternity Ring Style?

The pave ring is the most common since it has a delicate band that complements an engagement ring. The diamond is immersed into the metal, and prongs are over the edges.

A split-prong eternity ring features four independent prongs that extend from the band’s base to secure each diamond. It allows more light in than the pave setting, producing more brilliance.

Best Shape Diamonds for an Eternity Ring

Round diamonds are the most common option for eternity rings. However, there are various other shapes, like:

  • Asscher
  • Radiant
  • Baguette
  • Emerald

The straight edges of each diamond can be put next to each other to create a wall of brightness around the finger. Oval and marquise shaped diamonds also form attractive eternity bracelets.

Both may be oriented either north-south or east-west. You may also create patterns by combining shapes.

What Size Diamonds Are Best for Eternity Ring?

You should choose a diamond size that compliments the other bands on your finger. Consider the width of the band in millimeters rather than the carat weight of each diamond. The narrowest eternity rings will be around 1.4 millimeters in width.

A hefty one is at least 3 millimeters broad. Remember that the bigger the diamonds, the higher the band. Diamonds are typically between 1.0 to 1.2 carats. The total weight of an eternity ring might range from one carat to seven carats or even more.

Does Size Matter?

You must know your ring size before purchasing an eternity ring. If you want to stack your rings, pick a comfortable size in your favorite stacking position. A band worn higher on the finger will need a quarter-size or a half-size bigger.

Depending on the ring size, the number of diamonds and total carat weight of your ring will vary. A size seven will include more diamonds than a size 5.

Best Diamond Quality for an Eternity Ring?

If the ring is worn alongside an engagement or wedding ring, the 4Cs should be comparable. For a platinum or white gold ring, choose colorless diamonds with a G or H color grade.

Ideal Metal for an Eternity Ring

Precious metals should be on your mind. The strength of sterling silver is insufficient to withstand the wear and tear of an eternity ring. Gold and platinum are the superior options.

Platinum is durable, especially in tiny strands, so it firmly retains stones. Plus, it blends in with the diamonds and protects them. Gold is available in various hues to suit other rings worn daily.

Make Your Ring Last Forever

Using your fingertip, tap each stone to ensure that it does not move in its setting. You will never lose a diamond if you clean your ring every month. Examine the stones to make sure they stay tight in their settings. Repeat this technique annually to ensure that your eternity ring will last a lifetime.

Where to Buy an Eternity Ring?

You can buy these amazing rings in-store on online. It’s best to drive to the location and see the ring in person. Make sure to ask them if it’s certified and to budget wisely for the ring.

You love your partner, and you want to celebrate your anniversary. Why not check out our wonderful selection? Contact us today for insights on which eternity ring selection is perfect for your spouse.